Yūshirō Gōwa (豪和 ユウシロウ, Gōwa Yūshirō) is the main character of Gasaraki. He is a quiet, withdrawn teenage boy who is viewed as a tool through which his elder brothers in the Gōwa Family seek to further their goals. He is a member of a special JSDF unit charged with testing the TA system. As a test pilot, he is found to possess the ability to synchronize to an extraordinary degree with the TA hardware, and in particular with the Mile One synthetic muscle tissue (a process described as a "Mental Burst"). At the behest of his family, he is also a performer of a fictional, mystical form of Noh theatre, the Dance of Gasara, through which he is able to open dimensional gateways.

Yūshirō is treated coldly by all the other members of the Gōwa Family except for Misuzu.[1]

While he has been assigned the rank of captain in the 3rd Experimentation Company, he is actually a civilian who was sent in to serve as a test pilot.[2]