The Special Self Defense Force (S.S.D.F.), more formally known as the Japanese Special Self Defense Force (J.S.S.D.F.), is a force established specifically for the purposes of overseas deployment. Units from the Ground Self Defense Force, Maritime Self Defense Force, and Air Self Defense Force can be incorporated into the S.S.D.F. depending on the demands of the situation.[1]

In Gasaraki, part of this force is the Tactical Armor team led by Tamotsu Hayakawa, and Yūshirō Gōwa is their top pilot.[2] The members of this experimentation platoon are assigned the duty of developing the combat ability of the Tactical Armor. While the Special Self Defense Force is a governmental body, it is common for the units to develop close relations with civilian firms that are developing equipment, as in the case of this company, whose make up was heavily influenced by the desires of the Gōwa. The fact that Yūshirō is a member of the unit reflects this, but as a general rule, none of the other members of the company have known ties to the Gōwa Family.[3]


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