Appearances (Anime) Episode 11, 17~
Appears in Anime
Model Number Tactical armor type17EX
Affiliation Secret Military Special Self Defense Force Instructor Corp. 3rd Experimentation Company
Construction Gōwa Instruments
Special Self Defense Force
General Characteristics
Overall Height 4.4m
Body Weight 2.8t
Gross Weight 4.8t
Maximum Velocity 65km/h
Maximum Action Time 36 hours
Occupants 1
Maximum Velocity 65km/h

Smoke dischargers
Lifting winch


25mm autocannon
missile launcher
Blast rod

Tactical armor type17EX SHINDEN (壱七式戦術甲冑改 震電) is a Tactical Armor.


Shinden diagram

A diagram of Shinden

The Type 17EX Shinden is closely related to the Type 17 Raiden, but features improvements based on lessons learned with the earlier model. There are many subtle changes throughout the unit. The armor has been redistributed to better protect the limbs and especially the joints. The relatively delicate hands have been upgraded with a knuckle duster. Normally stored on the back of of the hand, the knuckle dusters pivot to guard the face of the fist. While a significant improvement, the Shinden's fist is still ill suited as a striking weapon.

The most significant change was an upgrade to the battery system. Unlike the Raiden's 60 minute operational time, the Shinden can function for up to 36 hours. Unfortunately, attempts to help the pilots cope with the stress of operating a TA for such extended periods of time proved unsuccessful. [1]